What is The Nevender Legacy?

Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa, who went by the pen name Nevender, was a writer, a poet, a leader, and a creative who contributed to the vibrant literary scene in Uganda. There is so much to him and his legacy that cannot be fully detailed here. This website focuses on Joel’s influence on Uganda’s literary and corporate/entrepreneurship communities. Joel was the visionary that led the Ugandan blogging community. He inspired, mentored and nurtured several writers who have gone on to become experts in digital marketing, social media, television/radio broadcasting, poetry, theatre, literature and publishing. He loved working with start-ups to explode their digital presence and grow their brands. Joel loved to encourage people to become better versions of themselves, improve their writing and their expression, and to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. He inspired them to maximize their potential. This is his legacy. Well, it is the aspect of his legacy that we are bringing to light on this forum. You may read Joel’s bio here